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***** BRAVERY AWARD *****

This time our bravery award goes to Rosie!!

Rosie is a 1-year old cross breed who came into the practice one evening after she had been out for a walk. Her owners had noticed she had become very lame and was being noisy and then suddenly became quiet.

When Rosie was examined at the practice Meghan, one of our vets, found she had a stick stuck in the inside of one of her back legs! That would explain why she was very noisy and upset!

Rosie was admitted for surgery under anaesthetic that night. The stick was 10cm long and almost the whole length of it was embedded in her leg.

The stick was positioned in a very dangerous place as it sat right next to a major artery so removing it was a very delicate procedure. If the stick had hit this artery then Rosie was at risk of losing a lot of blood.

Rosie was extremely lucky – it hadn’t hit this major artery!

The stick was removed and her wound stitched back together with the placement of a drain to stop the build-up of fluid.

Rosie has been very brave throughout her ordeal, it was a very painful and very dangerous position for her to be in.

Rosie is now recovering well!



This month is our neutering awareness month. Neutering your pet will prevent a range of health conditions, these include, pyometra and mammary masses in females and prostate issues in males, it will also prevent unwanted pregnancies. If you would like to book your pet in to be neutered or would like some more information then please contacted our team on 01563 530775.


We now have Medical Pet Shirts in stock! These shirts are good to help contain the mess caused during a bitches season and they are great post operatively, for example after your pet has been neutered. It may even prevent the need for a lamp shade collar!

They are available for both cats and dogs and the sizes are as following:

Cats xxx small – small

Dogs  xxx small – xx large

The little girlie modelling in these pictures is Luna and she belongs to one of our staff members, Claire, and is wearing size xxx small. If you have any enquiries regarding this product then pop into the practice or give us a call on 01563 530775.

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