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Veterinary Care has progressed immensely in the last few years and continues to at great speed. Treatments, both medical and surgical have advanced tremendously and now MRI scanning, cancer chemotherapy and advanced surgical procedures are commonplace. Treatments available very often differ little from that provided to us humans! However, what we do not have, unfortunately is the NHS for pets, meaning veterinary treatment is like private medicine for us. We are not subsidised by the government or charities and therefore have to run the practice as a business, to allow us to carry on treating pets for the years to come (and to pay our staff!!).

So, as a pet owner you take on the responsibility to ensure that your pet receives veterinary treatment where necessary. However, as our pets are largely unpredictable as to when they are going to become ill, cut a paw, get bitten by another dog or take off over the local dual carriageway, veterinary bills can come at the most inopportune times.

This is why we would recommend to any dog, cat or rabbit owner that they take out pet insurance. We would like pet owners to think of pet insurance like car or house insurance. Most of us would not drive a car or live in a house without insurance, because the full cost of paying for damage or mishap would be too costly to consider adding onto our monthly outgoings!

We prefer not to make clinical judgements based on financial circumstances, but in many cases, for pets without insurance this is the case. It is the sad reality that many pets are unable to have lifesaving treatment due to financial restrictions.

Here at Valley Veterinary Group we help you look after the routine and preventative health care for your pet, but it’s also important to consider the importance of pet insurance in providing cover for any unexpected veterinary treatment should your pet become ill or is injured.

We recommend having a good pet insurance policy in place which allows you to concentrate on what’s best for your pet without having to worry about the financial burden of unexpected vet bills.

At Valley Veterinary Group we offer a range of MiPet Cover policies.

·        MiPet Cover provides insurance policies for dogs and cats from 8 weeks old.

·        MiPet Cover lifetime policies include veterinary fees cover which is renewed each year no matter how often you claim, as long as you renew your policy each year with no break in cover.

·        MiPet Cover doesn’t place exclusions at renewal on their lifetime cover policies, so on-going conditions such as diabetes and eczema will continue to be covered year after year.

·        MiPet Cover policies are designed by our vets and veterinary staff – clinical professionals who really understand the needs of your pet.

Terms, conditions and excesses apply and may be varied on renewal. Cover will not be provided for pre-existing conditions.

Ask in practice to find out more or visit

 Valley Veterinary Group and MiPet Cover are trading names of CVS (UK) Limited who are an appointed representative of Ultimate Insurance Solutions Limited. Ultimate Insurance Solutions Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No 311368). Registered in England and Wales number 03299891. Registered office: Markerstudy House, 45 Westerham Road, Bessels Green, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2QB.

We are launching MiPetCover insurance and will be able to offer 4 weeks free insurance to any dog or cat under the age of one year. MiPetCover will be launching towards the end of October, please call the practice with any questions, 01563 530775.

Our advice would be to know what you are covered for. There are many different kinds of policies. Some are time limited (ie you will be covered for certain period of time for a particular problem), some are money capped (they will pay up to a certain amount for a condition) and some are lifelong (they will cover an illness for the whole life of the pet) and some are accident only policies (they cover accidents only, not illness).

Excesses vary greatly depending on the size and breed of your dog or cat, and monthly premiums can also vary greatly. Insurance companies will try to encourage pet owners to go with them, by offering lower excesses or monthly premiums. All we would advise is that you know what you are comparing when looking at more than one company. You could be comparing apples and oranges!
Last word of advice!! Beware if you are considering changing insurance policies! If your pet has a pre-existing illness or had symptoms of any kind prior to you taking out your new policy, THEY WILL NOT COVER THIS! So, if your pet is insured and on long term medication for an illness, your monthly premiums may increase slightly, but you will not save money by changing insurance companies at this stage as the new company WILL NOT COVER THE ILLNESS!

If your pet is needing a large amount of treatment, then we will ask you to obtain pre authorisation from your insurance company prior commencement of treatment or investigation.
Insurance does not cover preventative health care and insurance. For this please see our HEALTHY PET CLUB PLAN.