Budget for your pet’s health care! For dogs, cats and rabbits.

Valley Veterinary Group is committed to providing your pet with the best possible health care. We believe prevention is better than cure, but realise that maintaining gold standard preventative health care for your pet can be prohibitive due to price and also a headache to remember! Preventative health care is not ever covered by insurance companies.

This is where our HEALTHY PET CLUB comes in!

This is an extremely cost effective way to give your pet the best of preventative healthcare available. Treat your pet like we would treat ours!

Being a HPC pet owner means that you can spread the cost of vaccinations, worming, flea, lung worm and tick prevention over 12 months, so that when you come into the surgery you have nothing to pay!!

dog and cat

We will phone or text you with reminders to advise you when your pet is due to get their next lot of treatment.

Being a HPC pet owner means that, in addition to everything mentioned above, your pet will also get 2 full health examinations a year and you will also be entitled to 10% off all other products and service in the practice. This can be very cost effective when having your pet neutered or if your pet needs a large amount of investigation for a problem or end up on long term medication. If your pet does require life-long medication the HPC gives you 20% off this medication!

You will all receive 20% off neutering, a free microchip and unlimited free nail clipping all year round!

You can also get a Dental on your pet for just £190! This includes Pre anaesthetic bloods and your pet will be on a fluid drip during the procedure.

There are different plans depending on life stage and the species of your pet. These are, puppy (0-6months) kitten (0-6months) dog, cat and rabbit. dogs garden

On average the HPC plan saves our clients over £120 a year and affords them the priceless peace of mind that their pet is protected against many diseases and parasites than can cause devastating illness in our pets (and some of them in humans too).