We have separate dog, cat/rabbit and isolation wards for our patients. Patient comfort and wellbeing are of paramount importance to us.

sophie dog2

We have comfortable, heated kennels which all have facilities to allow us to provide intensive care for our patients.  We have dedicated in-patient veterinary surgeons and nurses that are responsible for the patients we have in the wards.

If we have any patients in isolation, for whatever reason, these patients are “barrier nursed” by a different vet and nurse, to maintain infection control at all times.   dog ward1


If a patient does require to be hospitalised, we encourage visits from their owners if at all possible.

Most animal benefit greatly from a wee visit from the family! We realise that having a beloved pet away from home in the vet’s is a worrying and stressful time for an owner, so we make it a priority that owners are kept regularly up to date about their pet’s condition and we always endeavour to get the patient home as soon as is practically possible.

dog ward2


We have facilities to allow our night and weekend veterinary surgeons to stay in the surgery if a patient is requiring more demanding or intensive care treatment.

cat ward