We have two sterile theatres for all small animal surgery including major soft tissue and orthopaedic procedures. We used the most advanced, gold standard anaesthetic gases and drugs.

Our equipment includes ECG’s theatre2(electrocardiogram which electronically records your pet’s heart beat), Doppler Blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters (detects how much oxygen is in your pet’s blood) and electrocautery and diathermy (can help to stop bleeding and make surgical incisions).


cautery2  Our Electrocautery unit

Only dedicated theatre staff are allowed access to the theatre and they wear specified theatre clothing and footwear.

When not in use the theatres are locked after they have been cleaned and disinfected so they remain sterile for the next patient.






We have a large preparation area where we have 3 stations which are used for patient preparation prior to theatre, non sterile, minor operations and procedures and phlebotomy.


prep1 prep2